1992 - 1999 Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Liu, J., Z. Ouyang, W. Taylor, R. Groop, Y. Tan, and H. Zhang. 1999. A framework for evaluating effects of human factors on wildlife habitat: The case of the giant pandas. Conservation Biology 13(6): 1360-1370.

Liu, J., Z. Ouyang, Y. Tan, J. Yang, and S. Zhou. 1999. Changes in human population structure and implications for biodiversity conservation. Population and Environment. 21:45-58.

Liu, J., K. Ickes, P. Ashton, J. LaFrankie and N. Manokaran. "Spatial and temporal impants of adjacent areas on the dynamics of species diversity in a primary forest." Spatial modeling of forest landscape change: approaches and applications. Ed. D. Mladenoff and W. Baker. Cambridge Press, 1999 42-68.

Liu, J. and P.S. Ashton. 1999. Simulating effects of landscape context and timber harvest on tree species diversity. Ecological Applications 9:186-201.

Xie, J., H. Hill, S. Winterstein, H. Campa, R. Doepker, T. R. Van Deelen, and J. Liu 1999.White-tailed deer management options model (DeerMOM): design, quantification, and application. Ecological Modelling 124:121-130.

Liu, J. and P. S. Ashton. 1998. FORMOSAIC: An individual-based spatially explicit model for simulating forest dynamics in landscape mosaics. Ecological Modelling 106:177-200.

Holt, R. D., S. W. Pacala, T. W. Smith, and J. Liu 1995. Linking contemporary vegetation models and spatially explicit animal population models. Ecological Applications 5:20-27.

Liu, J. and P. S. Ashton. 1995. Individual-based simulation models for forest succession and management. Forest Ecology and Management 73:157-175.

Liu, J., J. B. Dunning, and H. R. Pulliam. 1995. Potential impacts of a forest management plan on Bachman's Sparrows (Aimophila aestivalis): Linking a spatially-explicit model with GIS. Conservation Biology Vol 9 No1: 62-79.

Turner, M. G., G. J. Arthaud, R. T. Engstrom, S. J. Hejl. J. Liu, S. Loeb, and K. McKelvey. 1995. Usefulness of spatially explicit animal models in land management. Ecological Applications 5(1):12-16.

Liu, J., F. Cubbage, and H. R. Pulliam. 1994. Ecological and economic effects of forest structure and rotation lengths: Simulation studies using ECOLECON. Ecological Economics  10:249-265.

Pulliam, H. R., J. Liu, J. B. Dunning, D. Stewart, and D. Bishop. 1994. Modeling animal population dynamics in changing landscapes.IBIS 137: S120-126.

Liu, J. 1993. ECOLECON: A spatially-explicit model for ECOLogical-ECONomics of species conservation in complex forest landscapes. Ecological Modelling 70: 63-87.

Liu, J. 1993. Discounting initial population sizes for predicting extinction probabilities in patchy environments. Ecological Modelling 70:51-61.

Pulliam, R., J. B. Dunning and J. Liu, 1992. Population dynamics in complex landscapes: a case study. Ecological Applications 2:165-177.

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