2000 - 2001 Selected Publications

Selected Publications

An, L., J. Liu, Z. Ouyang, M. A. Linderman, S. Zhou, and
H. Zhang. 2001. Simulating demographic and socioeconomic
processes on household level and implications for giant panda
habitats. Ecological Modelling 140:31-50.

Liu, J., M. Linderman, Z. Ouyang, L. An, J. Yang, H. Zhang. 2001. Ecological degradation in protected areas: The case of Wolong Nature Reserve for giant pandas. Science 292: 98-101.

Liu, J. 2001. Integrating ecology with human demography, behavior, and socioeconomics: Needs and approaches. Ecological Modelling 140:1-8.

McDonald, A., J. Liu, H. Prince, and K. Kress. 2001. A
Socio-Economic-Ecological Simulation Model of Land Acquisition to Expand a National Wildlife Refuge. Ecological Modelling 140: 99-110.

Rutledge, D., C. Lepczyk, J. Xie and J. Liu. 2001. Spatial and temporal dynamics of endangered species hotspots in the United
States. Conservation Biology 15:475-487.

Xie, J., J. Liu, and R. Doepker. 2001. DeerKBS: A Knowledge-based System for White-tailed Deer Management. Ecological Modelling 140:177-192.

Liu, J., Z. Ouyang, Y. Tan, J. Yang, and S. Zhou. 2000. Changes in human population structure and implications for biodiversity conservation. Population and Environment. 21:45-58. Reprinted as Occasional Paper #2 in Population and Sustainable Development, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Washington, D.C., 2000

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