2004 Selected Publications

Selected Research Projects

Kazmierski, J., M. Kram, E. Mills, D. Phemister, N. Reo, C. Riggs, R. Tefertiller, and D. Erickson. Conservation Planning at the Landscape Scale: A Landscape Ecology Method for Regional Land Trusts. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 47 No. 5, pp. 709-736, September 2004.

Lepczyk, C. A., A. Mertig, and J. Liu. 2004 Landowners and cat predation across rural-to-urban landscapes. Biological Conservation 115: 191-201.

Lepczyk, C.A., A.G. Mertig, and J. Liu. 2004. Assessing landowner activities related to birds across rural-to-urban
landscapes. Environmental Management 33(1):110-125. (highlighted on the cover).

Linderman, M., J. Liu, J. Qi, L.An, Z. Ouyang, J. Yang, and Y. Tan 2004. Using Artificial Neural Networks to Map the Spatial
Distribution of Understory Bamboo from Remote Sensing
Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 25:1685-1700.

Liu, J., Z. Ouyang, H. Zhang, M. Linderman, L. An, S. Bearer, G. He 2004. A New Paradigm for Panda Research and Conservation. In: Giant Panda: Conservation Priorities for the 21st Century. (Donald G. Lindburg and Karen Baragona, editors; University of California Press, Berkeley)

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