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Liu, Jianguo and Jared Diamond 2005. China’s Environment in a Globalizing World – How China and the Rest of the World Affect Each Other. Nature 435:1179-1186. Cover, Supplementary Table, Supplementary Figures, Supplementary References.

Chinese Translation of the Nature paper:

Simplified Chinese Version in World Environment (Beijing): full pdf (34Mb), reduced pdf (3 Mb)

Traditional Chinese Version in Knowledge Review (Taiwan): full pdf, Nature-Asia website article

Liu, J., L. An, S. Batie, S. Bearer, X. Chen, R. Groop, G. He, Z. Liang, M. Linderman, A. Mertig, Z. Ouyang, J. Qi, H. Zhan, S. Zhou 2005. Beyond Population Size: Examining Intricate Interactions Among Population Structure, Land Use, and Environment in Wolong Nature Reserve, China. In : Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions. (Barbara Entwisle and Paul C. Stearn, Editors; National Academy Press, Washington D.C.)

An, L., M. Linderman, A. Shortridge, J. Qi, and J. Liu. 2005. Exploring Complexity in a Human-Environment System: An Agent-based Spatial Model for Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Integration. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 95:54-79.

Linderman, M.A., L. An, S. Bearer, G. He, Z. Ouyang and J. Liu. 2005 Modeling the spatio- temporal dynamics and interactions of households, landscape, and giant panda habitat. Ecological Modelling 183 (1): 47-65.

Laurent, E., H. Shi, D. Galziolis, J. LeBouton, M. Walters, and J. Liu. Using the spatial and spectral precision of satellite imagery to predict wildlife occurence patterns. Remote Sensing of Environment. 97 (2005) 249-262.

Linderman, M., S. Bearer, L. An, Y. Tan, Z. Ouyang, and J. Liu. 2005. The effects of understory bamboo on broad-scale estimates of Giant Panda Habitat. Biological Conservation 121(3): 383-390.

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