2009 Selected Publications

Selected Research Projects

Liu, Jianguo 2009 Article written on the background of the Nature paper (China's Environment in a globalizing world) in Science Focus Vol 4 No 6; pp 52-53

Dietz, Thomas, G. Gardner,J. Gilligan, P. Stern, M. Vandenbergh 2009 Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce US carbon emissions PNAS Vol 106 No 44, pp 18452-18456

Morzillo, Anita, A. Mertig, N. Garner, J. Liu 2009 Evaluating Hunter Support for Black Bear Restoration in East Texas. Human Dimensions of Wildlife Vol 14 Issue 6, pp 407-418

Zhang, Hemin, D. Li, C. Wang and V. Hull 2009 Delayed implantation in giant pandas: the first comprehensive empirical evidence. Reproduction 138, pp 979 -986

He, Guangming, X. Chen, S. Bearer, M. Colunga, A. Mertig, L. An, S. Zhou, M. Linderman, Z. Ouyang, S. Gage, S. Li, J. Liu 2009 Spatial and temporal patterns of fuel collection in Wolong Nature Reserve: Implications for panda conservation. Landscape and Urban Planning Vol 92, Issue 1, pp 1-9

Chen, Xiaodong, F. Lupi, G. He, J. Liu 2009 Linking social norms to efficient conservation investment in payments for ecosystem services. PNAS Vol 106, No 28, pp 11812-11817

Chen, Xiaodong, F. Lupi, G. He, Z. Ouyang, J. Liu 2009 Factors affecting land reconversion plans following a payment for ecosystem service program. Biological Conservation 142: Issue 8, pp 1740-1747

Millington, J., J. Wainwright, G. LW. Perry, R. Romero-Calcerrada, B. Malamud 2009 Modelling Mediterranean landscape succession-disturbance dynamics: A landscape fire-succession model. Environmental Modelling & Software 24: 1196-1208

McConnell, W.2009 Modeling human agency in land change in Madagascar: A review and prospectus. Madagascar Conservation and Development Vol 4 Issue 1, pp.13-24

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